Prine John – Paradise tab ver. 2

  D                    G           D
When I was child my family would travel
                                   A            D
Down the western kentucky were my parents were born
                                  G         D
Theres a backward?s old town that often remembered
                        A            D
So many times that my memories are worn

 D                                   G          D
And daddy wont you take my down to Muhelberg county
                                A        D
down by the green river where paradise lay
                                G           D
well im sorry my son but your too late in asking
                              A         D
mr. Peabody?s coaltrain has hauled it away

Well sometimes we?d travel right down the green river
to the abandoned old prison down by Adrie Hill
were the air smell like snakes we?d shoot with our pistols
but emty pop bootles was all we would kill


Well the coalcompany came with the world?s largest shovel
and the tortured the timber and stripped all the land
they dug for their coal until the land was forsaken
and they wrote it all down as the progress of man


When I die let my ashes fload down the green river
let my soul fload on up to the Rodchester dam
I?ll be half way to heaven with paradise waiting
just five miles away from whereever i?m am


Well thats it folks, Pretty Easy...??
Some of the words are probably misspelled
"Det er nok fordi jeg er dansker"
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