Priscilla Ahn - The Boob Song tab

Capo on 7 (as played in the live blooper version), there's other live versions 
floating around with 

the capo in a different position.

All chords relative to capo.

C:      032010
E7:     020100
Am7:    002010
Am7/G:  302010
D9:     200210

F:      133211
G:      355433 / 320003

I think she uses both Gs, whichever you prefer, I'm not into details :)

Came back
from a late night
with my friends
  Am7/G         D9
you were out of town
so I took off my coat
I took off my shoes
    C           G     C     G (walk up)
and then took a look around

Looked at
all the bookshelves
just like I like to do
and saw a little note
some other girl wrote to you

It said
"Baby baby, would you read a poem I picked for you?
I know you're sensitive,
but would you think about my boobs?"

    Am7   Am7/G  D9
But what am I to do,
       G            D9       Am7/G
when I feel so much love for you?
  Am7         Am7/G    D9
I wish that I could be stronger
but I get scared
        G             C
that my love will not do


You may now rock a kazoo if you have one.
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