Priscilla Ahn - Masters In China chords version 1

Capo on 1st fret

E You've always been bashful, you're just that way
cis But your eyes are like billboards, they give you away
EYour mouth is a trumpet, somebody else plays
cis Long after the notes gone, the tone usually stays
AAnd your chest a fine pillow, with lining of feather
BYour hair is a family, with strands stick together
AFingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Bplayed by a line that the Lord only knew
EA tongue of an angel, floats in red wine saliva
cis Your teeth ravel porcelain, made by masters in China
EYour face can't be captured by pictures or words
cis And your voice is a music that I've never heard
AAnd your skin is a cream, dipped out beyond measure
BYour nose is a pink color touched by the weather
AYour fingers are keys from the grandest piano
BPlayed by a soul that the Lord only knew
E cis A B EOoh...
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