Priscilla Ahn - Masters In China chords

CYou've always been bashful,
C You're just that way.
AmBut your eyes are like billboards;
AmThey give you away.
CYour mouth is a trumpet.
CSomebody else plays.
DmLong after the note's gone,
DmThe tone usually stays.
FAnd your chest's a fine pillow,
FWith lining of feather.
DmYour hair is a family,
DmThe strands stick together.
FYour fingers are keys from
FThe grandest piano.
DmPlayed by a mind that
Dm CThe Lord only knows.
C*The tongue of an angel
C*Floats in red wine saliva.
AmYour teeth rival porcelain
AmMade by masters in China.
C*Your face can't be captured
C*By pictures or words and
AmYour voice is a music
AmThat I've never heard.
FAnd your skin is a cream dipped
FOut beyond measure.
DmYour nose is a peak never
DmTouched by the weather.
FYour fingers are keys from
FThe grandest piano,
DmPlayed by a soul that
Dm CThe Lord only knows.
C*Oooh ooh ooh-oooh
BOooh ooh oooh-ooh.
F C/B B COooh-ooh oooh-oooh. (Repeat "oohs" four times)
_____________________________________________________________________________ this is my first chords based on what she played on Youtube. Good luck with your practicing! my facebook is Lynn Hanoi, feel free to contact and correct me :)
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