Procol Harum - Branyard Story tab

06 Branyard Story

Intro   Bbm F+ Db Gb Db ://:

 Ab             Ab7     Db                           Db Fm/C
Chicken in the farmyard, there's an oven in your bin 
Bbm                            Fm                           Eb7
You're growing old with sorrow, you're growing fat with sin 
Ab                  Ab7       Db                       Db Fm/C
I was living in the graveyard, I was hanging from the wall 
Bbm                        Fm                            Eb
I was living in the desert, I was trying not to fall 
Db      Ab     Bbm    Ab  Db Eb       Bb             C   /E
Once I stood upon Olympus,   then the heavens opened wide 
Eb  Bb/D Cm            Bb     Db      Ab/C             Bb 
I beheld that flaming chariot   and I saw the sacred bride 

Ab Eb/G Fm Eb

Ab               Ab7        Db Fm/C 
Now and then my life seems truer,   
Bbm                            Fm     Db Eb Eb7
now and then my thoughts seem pure 
Ab     /Gb                    Db    Fm/C            
All in all, my thoughts are fewer - 
Bbm                     Fm
maybe death will be my cure
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