Procol Harum - Whaling Stories tab

08 Whaling stories

Intro: Eb Dm G Bbm   

Bm       F#m  Em           Bm       Bm/D    F#m/C#  Dm  A/A# 
Pailing well after sixteen days, a mammoth task was set 
Bm        F#m  Em/G         Bm   Em   Bm/F#        Em/G F# Bm D B/D# Em
Sack the town, and rob the tower, and steal the alphabet 
Em         Bm/D    Am/C    Em/B       Em      Bm       Dm    Ebdim
Close the door and bar the gate, but keep the windows clean 
Em      Hm/D   Am/C  Em/ G  C Em/B              Am     Em E/G#
God's alive inside a movie!   Watch the silver screen! 
A               C          G          D           F         F   C
Rum was served to all the traitors; pygmies held themselves in check 
Am               Em/G         Bm      Em         Bm /D Em       Bm /D
Bloodhounds nosed around the houses, down dark alleys sailors crept 
Em         A          Em       A         Am           D Am          D
Six bells struck, the pot was boiling - soup spilled out on passers-by 
Bm      E     Bm     E        Em     Bm/F#              Cmaj7       Em
Angels mumbled incantations, closely watched by God on high 

Em D C Em

Bass: Em (E,F#,G, A Bb C, C#,D) D ://:
Em +5-5 ://:            F#m +5-5 ://:     Bass G,A,Bb,C,C#,D,E,F#
Lightning struck out - fire and brimstone! 

Boiling oil and shrieking steam! 
Dm/A                              Bb
Darkness struck with molten fury, flashbulbs glorified the scene 

Bass: C,D,Eb,F,F#,G,A,Bb

Cm                            Db
Not a man who had a finger, not a man who could be seen 
Dm                                    Eb                      Em
Nothing called (not name nor number) - Echo stormed its final scream

Solo over BAss(E,F#,G, A Bb C, C#,D)x12 Eb G x2

Eb       Bb/F        Gm        G          Gm    Eb            Cm
Daybreak washed with sands of gladness, rotting all it rotted clean 
Eb        Bb/F  Gm             G       Gm     Gm7        C4         F
Windows peeped out on their neighbors, inside fireside bedsides gleam 
Bb             F        Eb Bb F   G             D        C  G D
SHALIMAR, the trumpets chorused, angels wholly all shall ta-a- ake 
B           Ab/C Ebdim     Em    Dadd9 C5       G/B  G  Bm          D
Those alive will meet the prophets,            those at peace shall see              G
their wake
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