Procol Harum - As Strong As Simson tab

As strong as Samson

Intro   D A  Em G x3

Bm      G              D           Bm      G         D      
Psychiatrists and Lawyers destroying mankind 
Bm G              D     Bm     G           D
Drivin' 'em crazy...and stealing 'em blind 
Em                Bm         C             Em
Bankers and Brokers ruling the world 
Bm             D /A           E/G#                  A
Storing the silver and hoarding the gold 
G                       A
Ain't no use in preachers preaching 
F#7              (b9)-(1)    Bm                /A
When they don't know what they're teaching 
        G                        A
The weakest man be strong as Samson 
D                     G      D          A  D
When you're being held to ransom
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