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09 Your own choice   from "Home" written by Brooker-Reid

Intro: F Gm C
         F                 Bb    Am    Gm    F/C C
There's too many women and not enough wine 
F                  Bb     Am    Gm   C4-3
Too many poets and not enough rhyme 
A                     Dm         Bb    C    C/E
Too many glasses and not enough time 
F Bb               C        Bass/D
Draw your own conclusions 
F Bb               C        
Draw your own conclusions 

My old dog's a good old dog 
My old man's a silly old sod 
The human face is a terrible place 
Choose your own examples 

Solo on: F Gm C F Gm C Dm G C F Bb C 

Went to the river, but I could not swim 
Knew I'd drown if I went in 
Lost my faith in a terrible race 

Transcribed by Leif Thiborg 061014 leifsounds
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