Procol Harum - Toujours Lamour tab

03 A Rum Tale  From "Home" 1973      Brooker / Reid

Intro: F Fsus x3    Bass; C,D,E

F                 Em7  Dm7               Gm
She's fuddled my fancy, she's muddled me good 
C              Dm7       G7            C7
I've taken to drinking, and given up food 
Bb             F     A    E            G#m C#m
I'm buying an island, somewhere in the sun 
A    B              E      Bdim   C7       F   Fsus F Bass:C,D,E, 
I'll hide from the natives, live only on rum 

I'm selling my memoirs, I'm writing it down 
If no one will pay me I'll burn down the town 
I'll rent out an aircraft and print on the sky 
If God likes my story then maybe he'll buy 

D      C#m7 
Bm     Em
A      Bm  
E      A7
G      D   
Gb Db  Fm Bbm
Gb Ab  Db
Abo C7 F Fsus4 F Bass: C,D,E,

I'm buying a ticket for places unknown 
It's only a one-way: I'm not coming home 
She's swallowed my secret, and taken my name 
A   Bsus4    E        Bdim    C          F
To follow my footsteps   and knobble me lame 

Outro: F  F  Bdim C   x4


Transcribed by Leif Thiborg 061016
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