Procol Harum - Bringing Home tab

06 Bringing Home the Bacon  From "Home" 1973      
Brooker / Reid

Piano: Bb F G G x4

Bb                F
Bringing home the bacon, 
tender juicy steaks 
Bb                F
Breast-fed baby dumpling 
gobbling up the cakes

Fm Cm D  Ebm Em 
Am Em Am Em x2

solo on: Bb F G G x4

Bb        Bb  C Bb F      F Bb  F
     Milk-fed baby dumpling, 
G         G C G   G        G C G
     slobbering, goo-faced, mean 
Bb         Bb C Bb  F            F     Bb F
     Wet-nursed   sour purse spot face, 
G          G  C G           G C  G    
     blubbering in the cream 

Emperor baby dumpling, 
loaded, bloated curse 
Mighty baby dumpling, 
stuffing 'til he bursts 

Outro G Bb G

Transcribed by Leif Thiborg 061016
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