Procol Harum - Nothing But The Truth tab

01 Nothing But the Truth
Brooker / Reid

Is it on, Tommy? (don't know if the chords are right in the intro but the bassnotes are 
might be some misshearings about minor or major, sometimes it sounds best to play 
without a 3rd.)

Intro: Em   F     G5
       Am   Dm6/B  C
       Dm   Em    F
       F#m  E/G#  Am
       Em   F#m   G
       G#m  F#/A# Bm
       Dm   Em    F
       F#m  E/G#  Am

Gm           D+            Cm
It seems as clear as yesterday
    Ab    G      Cm
We saw it in a dream
 Gm         F#+         Cm
but dream became insanity
    Ab     G      C     F    riff:CDEbFGA
an awful gaping scream
    Bb    F         Cm   Gm
So sad to see such emptiness
    Ab     Bb        C    riff:CCAGGAC
So sad to see such tears
     Bb        F        Cm     Gm
And heaped up leaves of bitterness
       Ab      Bb       C
turned mouldy down the years

Chorus (chords as inntro):
Em F G  Am  /B  C
Nothing but the truth.
Dm  Em   F   F#m E/G# Am
Common words in use
Em F#m G      G#m  F#/A# Bm
Hard       to find excuse
Dm Em F   F#m  E/G# Am
Harder    than the truth


Like Icarus we flew too high
Bb                      C G
We flew too near the sun
They caught us in that awful glare
Bb                        C      G
Our hapless throats were strung
     C     D         C      D
But just before the final stroke
     C       G        C       G
They took us victims of the rope
    C        D     C        D
And cast us far beyond the deep
   C       G      C      G
To lie in never ending sleep


It seems as clear as yesterday
They cast us in the deep
We lie in darkest night for good
Never ending sleep
A never ending bitter gloom
Whose darkness seldom clears
A God forsaken emptiness
Which fills our hearts with tears



End on A Major

transcribed by Leif Thiborg 061019
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