Promise Ring - Why Ever Did We Meet chords

The Promise Ring
Why Did We Ever Meet
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Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -   x24442
Ebm - x68876E - 022100
A - x02220
C#m - x46654G#m - 466444
Intro: B--Ebm-E- Verse 1:
BYour hair pinned up in circles
EbmWorn like a widow to second
E Bthe motion of second nature
BLike two rafts knotted and ju
Ebmknotted and still where
E Bsound is lost and found
A But I fear it's all
B Ebm E Bjust coming back to me
Verse 2:
BAnd I fear that it's
Ebmall just coming back
EIt's all coming back
BIt's all coming back to me
BUnder that threat
Ebmof sky we lie together
E BWhy care about the weather
A B (hold) It only ends it ends in darkness
BYou you're always you're
C#m BAlways dressed and buttoned up
E BBa ba ba da ba ba ba ba ba da ba bap
A G#mDo do do do do do do do and
(Repeat) Post Chorus: B--Ebm-E-B- Verse 3:
B EbmAnd between 19 19 and 40
EFor the tea it will
Bhave changed me
BAnd turning from the invading
Ebm Elight on my my naked room
BMy naked room
A Our coffee stains
B (hold)and dusty coughing
(Repeat Chorus) Guitar Solo: B--Ebm-E- x3 A-- (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Ebm-A-B-- x2
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