Promise Ring – Nothing Feels Good chords

The Promise Ring
Nothing Feels Good
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -   133211
G -   320003
G/B - x2xx03

Verse 1:
F I don't know east
GTexas from Louisiana
F G I don't know Alabama
For where Atlanta lies
G/B Gor where Atlanta is tonight
Verse 2:
F G And Indianapolis summers
Fin park and recreation pools
Gand carsick vacations in size
F G/B Geleven and "I'm going to heaven" shoes
F G I don't know God
FI don't know anyone
GI don't know God
I don't know
F G/Bif anything at all
Gwill be alright
Verse 3::
F G I don't know Billy Ocean
FI don't know the ocean floor
GI Don't have any albums
FI don't know anything
G/B GI don't go to college anymore
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
F I got my hands on the one
Ghand but I don't know
F(hold)where to put them
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