Promise Ring – Why Ever Did We Meet tab

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                  Why Ever Did We Meet - The Promise Ring
Tabbed by: d_man2k

Tuning: eBGDAE (standard)

This is a really simple song to play, for starters, it play's the same riff
almost all the way through, and secondly, it consists of a few simple power
chords. It sounds pretty good, too.

e|----| |----| |----|B|----| |----| |----|G|----| |----| |-9--|D|-9--|x20 |-13-|x5 |-9--|x6A|-9--| |-13-| |-7--|E|-7--| |-11-| |----|repeat
after a few repetitions of this, it goes:
e|----| |----| B|----| |----| G|----| |----| D|-9--|x20 |-7--|x20 then it just carries on as normalA|-9--| |-7--| E|-7--| |-5--|
you can play e|---- |----B|---- |----G|-9-- |----D|-9-- like this |-14- but I find the former easierA|-7-- |-14- to change to the first chord from.E|---- |-12-
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