Protest The Hero - The Pro-smoking Cigarette Song tab

So, actually it is not Protest the hero's song, it's written by their singer - Rody
also i heard, that it's the song of his side project with Tim Millar and another guy, named
Cheese and the Mousetrap ". That's my first tab, and it sounds perfect to me, so please 
Send your corrections if they appear.

	         Rody Walker - The Pro-Smoking Cigarette Song
Tabbed by: Rawwwrr!!

Tuning: Standart

This is the pro - smoking cigarette songe|--------------3-----3-------------3------3-----3------2-----3-----|B|--------------3------3------3------3-----3------3-----3------3----|G|--------------0-------0-----0-------0----0-------0----2-------0---|D|--------------0--------0----2--------2---2--------2---0--------0--|A|--------------2-------------2------------3------------------------|D|--------------3---------------------------------------------------|
This Part repeats with following lyrics: This is a pro smoking cigarette song, So everybody light one up and fuckin' sing along, Sing cancer whatever And heart disease who cares? Angina sounds funny, so i'll take it.. - end on D
F5 E5e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------|D|---5---x-x---x-x-x---2---x-x---x-x-x-----|A|---5---x-x---x-x-x---2---x-x---x-x-x-----|E|---3---x-x---x-x-x---0---x-x---x-x-x-----|
C5 D5e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|---5---x-x---x-x-x---7---x-x---x-x-x-----|D|---5---x-x---x-x-x---7---x-x---x-x-x-----|A|---3---x-x---x-x-x---5---x-x---x-x-x-----|E|-----------------------------------------|
That part is played for first two verses. Play that two times, then start singing. Lyrics for this part: When I wake up, put on my makeup, Light up a cigarette and smoke away my cares, I lost capacity, for breathing in too deep, I still like cigarettes so now who cares? Maybe some day i'll wake up and i'll be singin' just like Chad, But not today as you can hear so, Light one up I got somethin' to say Chorus: F5 E5 C5 D5 This is a pro smoking cigarette song, E5 E5 C5 D5 Everybody light one up and fuckin' sing along, F5 D5 Sing cancer whatever C5 D5 Heart disease who cares? F5 E5 C5 D5 Angina sounds funny, so maybe baby I don't care. Verse 2: I like to drink and smoke, I like to fuckin' fight, I like to wake up by the toilet when i've stayed out all night, I like to talk real loud, And I like cigarettes, Maybe their related Yeah well maybe (Ah maybe I'm just a fuckin' douchebag) Light one up after eating a big meal, Light one up while taking a shit, I burn my jeans when I try to wipe my ass, That's just the price you pay (For cigarettes!) Chorus: This is a pro smoking cigarette song, So everybody light one up and fuckin' sing along, Hand me that ashtray from that table right there, Girls just wanna have fun (That's all they really want)
e|---------3--------------------------3------------2-----------|B|---------3-------------3------------3------------3-----------|G|---------0-------------0------------0------------2-----------|D|---------0-------------2------------2------------0-----------|A|---------2-------------2------------3------------------------|D|---------3---------------------------------------------------|That goes with the following lyrics:
This is a pro smoking cigarette song, So everybody light one up and fuckin' sing along, Cancer whatever! Heart disease who cares? Angina sounds funny, so i'll take it, This is played with the same chords as chorus: A cigarette, A cigarette, Is this fuckin' song not over yet? Cause I need a cigaratte, A cigarette, I wanna quit, I really should, but this industry tricked me really good, Think they won't trick you? Suck in the young kids suck in the dumb kids Fucked up the bum kids
That part repeats again with: Somebody told me that laser surgery would help me quit, That's what I heard, So next Wednesday June 3rd, It's time that I made it legit! I promised my girlfriend a year ago I, A year ago that I would quit, And that was a lie, And that's why, I'm gettin' lasers shot into my eyes. - End with D
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