Proud Mary - Dont It All Look Ugly tab

Proud Mary - Don't It All Look Ugly

By the Biggest Oasis fan in the World!

   G  D  Cadd9  C  Em  G/F#
E  3  0    0    3   0	2
A  2  0    3    3   2   0
D  0  0    2    2   2   0
G  0  2    0    0   0   0
B  3  3    3    1   0   3
E  3  2    3    0   0   3

Intro: G / D / Cadd9 / G / D


G             D      Cadd9             G
Made myself a Story, Drowned me to the Bone

G                      D                   Cadd9           G
But I knew where i was going to, Was gonna get myself back home

G             D        Cadd9                 G
Made myself a Promise, swore I'de never look back

G                   D                              Cadd9               G
I put In the miles, It's sure been a while since I layed down my first track

Riff 1 CE--3-3--------------------|A------2-2--3-3--5-5--3-3-|
Chorus: C G Riff 1 Don't It all look Ugly, When your Down...yeah yeah yeah C G G/F# Em C But It won't be Slowing, around and Round, down the road, down the road yeah yeah Verse2: Got my mind Workin, sure did over-time Well I got to feel, I was hot on the heel, to a place to call all mine Well it maybe a Beutiful city at night, on a seven four seven it looks alright When your down and low It's why you gotta go I Gotta get right back to you yeah Riff 1 Chorus with Down the Road repeated 4 times End on G Any Problems Contact me @
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