Prozzak - Sucks To Be You tab

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to learn the solo to this song. It's a great
of work for a silly cartoon art pop band. After searching you tube and the other tabs on
site I combined everything I found and fixed it all. Most of the solo work is my own but 
2 sources mentioned before did get me started. I put solo in the tab type but I also
I might as well put the rest of the song here as well. There is 2 ways you can play this 
either half step down or standard tuning.

As promised the solo. If you decide to use the half step down tuning you are going to
to move the notes appropriately. I have in no way indicated the timing in this tab, that's
you'll just have to listen and figure out.

(You decide if you want to play the initial 4 twice)E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G---------------------4h6h7p4--6-----4h6h7p6--4-----4--6--------6--4--------|D------------4--6--7-----------------------------7--------7-----------7--6--|A(4)-4--5--7-------------------------------------------------7--------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
I haven't decided which I like better, you choose (9--10--12)
I haven't decide if he Hammers/pull-offs this section or if he picks it fast, again, you decide.
Standard Tuning:
F#m E A or A C# D E|---2-- --0-- --0-- --5-- --4-- --5-- B|---2-- --0-- --2-- --5-- --6-- --7-- G|---2-- --1-- --2-- --6-- --6-- --7-- D|---5-- --2-- --2-- --7-- --6-- --7-- A|---5-- --2-- --0-- --7-- --4-- --5-- E|---2-- --0-- --x-- --5-- --4-- --5--
F#m E A C# Chorus: Sucks to be you , I know I know , F#m E A C# Sucks to be you , I know it's true , F#m E A C# Sucks to be you , I know I know , F#m E A Sucks to be you , F#m E A C# Verse: I'm a bastard if it's true , F#m E A C# If the thing she did to me is what I did to you , F#m E A C# I'm a bastard if it's true , D F#m And I guess it's true , D C# D Bridge: You need to know I finally understand , D A E D And I gotta get in touch with you now but I can't , D C# Just want to tell you I'm sorry , Down Half a step (I prefer this because the C# sounds mucho better): F#m: 333553 E : 112331 A : 1333xx C# : 232002 D : 343563 Use the exact same structure for chords as above, just a different C#
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