Psychostick - Orgasm Love tab

Psychostick- Orgasm = love
standard tuning...
idk if this tab is 100%... but it's really close... it'll
give you a good idea of how it's played... have fun =]

intro:-----9-----9--------7-----7---|---7--------------7-----------| play this a few times, then start-8-----8-8---8--8-----8-8---8-| to strum the chords...------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|
during the chorus i think he throws this in once or twice...ish------|------|--7---|--6---|--3---|------|
and end with this:------|------|--8---|--8---|--6---|------|
Bridge: "Take it joshy..."-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-8---8---8----8----8---8----8----8---|-8---8---8----8----8---8----9---11---|-6---7---9---11---12-----------------|-------------------------------------|to be honest... i'm not too sure about this part =/ ...
then finish off with the chorus... and that's it... i'm pretty sure... =| lol.... because tieing you up to my bed and gagging you with your own panties and sticking my weiner in between your boobies and cumming all over your chin equals love <3 awwww... haha
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