Puddle Of Mudd – She Hates Me tab ver. 5

this tab is correct because it is out of the magazine total guitar......so here it is............

standard tuning(EADGBe)

the chords are:

F Bb5 G C5-x-- -x-- -x-- -x-- -x-- -x-- -x-- -x-- -2-- -3-- -4-- -5-- -3-- -3-- -5-- -5-- -3-- -1-- -5-- -3-- -1-- -x-- -3-- -x--
intro/1st verse/2nd verse/1st chourus
----------------------]----------------------------------------------------]----------------------------------2---------3-------]-----4-----------------5------ X14 ----3---------3-------]-----5-----------------5----------3---0--1-----0----]-5---5---0--3--------3-----0---1--------------------]-3----------------------------
Verse 1 F Bb5 G C5 met a girl, thought she was grand F Bb5 G C5 fell in love, found out first hand F Bb5 G C5 went well for a week or a two F Bb5 G C5 then it all came unglued verse 2 in a trapped trip i cant grip never thought i'd be the one who'd slip then i started to realize i was living 1 big lie chourus F Bb5 G C5 she fucking hates me, trust F Bb5 G C5 she fucking hates me, la la la love F Bb5 G C5 i tried to hard and she tore my feelings F Bb5 G C5 like i had none, and ripped them away verse 3 she was queen for about an hour after that shit got sour she took all i ever had no sing of guilt, no feeling of bad, no verse 4 (as verse 2) solo
------------------------------------BU 1/4-----------]--------------------15-15-----15-----17-----17-17-17-]--------15----15-15-15-15-----15-----17-----17-17-17-]--15-15-15-15--------------17-----17-----------------]-----------------------------------------------------]-----------------------------------------------------]
Grad. -------------------------------------BU 1/4--------------]--------------15-15-15-15------15--15--17-----17-17-(18)-]--------------15-15-15-15------15--15--17-----17-17-(19)-]--15-15-15-15---------------17-----17--------------------]---------------------------------------------------------]---------------------------------------------------------]
verse 5 thats my story, you see learned my lesson and did she now it's over and i'm glad 'cos i'm a fool for a'll i've said chourus outro F Bb5 G C5 la la la la la la la la la la, trust F Bb5 G C5 la la la la la la la la la la, trust F Bb5 G C5 la la la la and she tore my feelings like F Bb5 G C5 F i had none, she fucking hates me F Bb5 G C5 (rpt to fade) well thats it..... if you have any corrections which you shouldn't have email ma at stephen_b_2002"hotmail.com thats it hope you enjoy playin it as much as i do........
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