Puff Daddy – I Need A Girl Part 2 tab

this is p diddy and the song is i need a girl part two. this is one of my cool
songs and it sounds like it.i think this dudes real name is puff daddy but i dont
know or maybye pimp daddy.

title: i need a girl part two
artist: p diddy
tabbed by: LeeGail
email: hollow_teen@hotmail.com (Lee)

here is it there is no strumming only picking

hammer on- h
slide- s

--9h11-9--12-11-9-11-11s12-11-7-9-7s9-9h11--| then continue it until the second--------------------------------------------| part and here is the second part--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|
--9h11-9--12-11-9-11-11s12-11-7-9-7s5-5h7-5-5h7-7-9-7h9-7-9h11-9-----| then ---------------------------------------------------------------------| start---------------------------------------------------------------------| from---------------------------------------------------------------------| the---------------------------------------------------------------------|beginning---------------------------------------------------------------------| again
ok i think i messed up the last part a little bit. my head was gpoing crazy and almost exploded but its worth it. so ok sorry if its hard cause all the hammer ons and slides. but if you have any questions then email me at hollow_teen@hotmail.com
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