Puffy Amiyumi - Hi Hi tab

			     Hi Hi(Intro) - Puffy AmiYumi
Tabbed by: Jacob Belisario
Email: J_dawg2992@msn.com

I was listening to the song over and over and i finally decided to go out and learn
it. After looking everywhere i could not find one single tab for this song! So i am
currently trying to tab out the whole song... I only got the intro (which was really
simple) but im not sure about the chorus yet... but here it is... enjoy!

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Verse 1 (i think)e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|-444444444444-22222222-444444444444444444444------------|D|-444444444444-22222222-444444444444444444444------------|A|-222222222222-00000000-222222222222222222222------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Thats it... Thats all i could do... e-mail me if u have any questions...
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