Pulled Apart By Horses - Back To The Fuck Yeah tab version 1

Artist: Pulled Apart By Horses
Album: S/T
Song: Back To The Fuck Yeah
Release: 2010

Yeah, none of this song is up at all yet, so I just thought I'd post the little bit of 
intro I could fathom from watching the video.
Drop D

After that there's a little bit which I can't really work out properly.I think it's this, but i'm not sure if it sounds 100%e|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|-15-12-15-------|A|----------12-15-|D|----------------|
I'm pretty sure the main riff there's right, but for the bit afterwards, not really. with any help for the rest of the song should post it or get in touch please, I know I'd want to play this song.
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