Pulp – Do You Remember The First Time tab

Well I lost this the first time I wrote it out. Just doesnt feel the same now...

Basically the message is, the verse goes G - Am - C and the chorus goes G - Am - C - Cm. 
hoping that this will spur on a better guitarist to tab the lead bits for the chorus. I 
try but I'm a rubbish guitarist, so only got the first three notes. Anyhoo.

Intro: same as verse but Jarvis doesnt sing yet

Verse: (think it should be 5ths, sounds almost right)

                        G5           A5             C5        
You say youve got to go home cos hes sitting on his own again this evening.

  A5               C5                G5
I know youre gonna let him bore your pants off again. oh god,

              A5             C5  (may want to use whole chords from now)
Its half past eight youll be late.

                         G5          A5                   C5
You say youve never been sure tho it makes good sense for you to live

G5                  A5                    C5               G5
together. Still you bought a toy that can reach the places he never goes &

                A5            C5     Cm     G
now its getting late. He's so straight.

Chorus: (sounds better than the verse)

G                         Am                      C
Do you remember the first time? I cant remember a worse time.But

                   Cm                                         G
you know that weve changed so much since then, oh yeah, we've grown.

                           Am                           C
Now I dont care what youre doing, no I dont care if you screw him just as

            Cm                   (no guitar, strings)                 G
long as you save a piece for me, oh yeah now, you say youve got to go home.

Chorus Lead: (first three notes as promised)

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