Pulp - Being Followed Home tab

Being Followed Home
(Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Magnus Doyle, Peter Mansell)


Bb(2x) Dm(2x)---1---0-----0-1- ---1---0-----0-1-|-----3-----3----- -----3------3----|-3--------------- -2---------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|
I'm being followed home I'm being followed home I don't know what for I don't know by whom The smell of your dress A face in the rain The pavement shines wet In focus again Oh... In a dead seaside town I tried to change my mind For a well-balanced view That was not mine to find Chorus F#m Heaven knows G All your stars are on show Ebm They last a lifetime F#m And your hands G Leave their marks in the sand Ebm They last for ever For ever It's clear to me You fit so perfectly In a dimly lit room Just in sight of the sea His twisted face Tells me to leave this place You know somewhere But I shouldn't go there, I shouldn't go there! Heaven knows All your stars are on show They last a lifetime And your hands Leave their marks in the sand They last for ever For ever
They've followed me home - the one with the dog-breath in the tattoo bar says something in a language that I don't uderstand. The street stinks of piss and dead fish. Jump a garden wall, barefoot on the slimy grass, air raw in my lungs. Hear him swear as he stumbles and falls behind me. Down another cobbled street, footsteps bouncing off the walls. Which way? A bottle smashes. The glint of a blade in the moonlight. Someone laughs, the corner's turned... and it's too late. The first blow falls... then nothing. I awoke on the beach sometime later To a grey and sunless sky Your voice still slithers in my head I can't remember what you said I get to my feet, my body aches I make for the town for no-one's sake My mind is a blur, I feel so weak I see your reflection in the street "It's what you deserve, it's what you need. Just like those stupid books you read." I look to the sky, I see your face collapse in the road I hear you say I shouldn't go there, I shouldn't go there! My wound's healing now And your imprint fades Now just a pale scar For five vanished days Your voice is so weak, Your face is unclear, Your body a legend from a forgotten year. I'm being followed home. I'm being followed home. I'm being followed home. I've been followed home.
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