Pulp - Boats And Trains chords

Boats and Trains
(Jarvis Cocker)

(Synth/violin) G F G E7e--------0----------------------0-----------|b-0--1-3----3--1-0-1-----0--1-3----3--1-0-1-|g-------------------------------------------|
Am G# Am G#e-------------------------------------------|b----0-1--0----------------0-1--0-----------|g-2---------2--1-2-1-----2---------2--1-2-1-|
G FWould you like to hear
G E7About the things I fear?
Am G#About my life and loves too?
Am G#Well why should I tell you?
G FIf I told you a secret
G E7You'd be sure to leak it
Am G#You couldn't keep it inside
Am G#No matter how hard you tried
G FOh boats and trains and
G E7And boats and trains and
Am G#Funny things and
Am G#funny things and
G Fla la la, la
G E7la, la
Am G# Am G#
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