Pulp – Lipgloss tab ver. 2

I just copied the post that was here already and added the chorus riff.

Chords and Lyrics for "Lipgloss" by Pulp

[1st VERSE]
Dm                                  C                G
No wonder you're looking thin when all that you live on

    C        G        Dm
is lipgloss and cigarrettes and scraps at the end of the day

           C         G       C            G          Dm
when he's given the rest to someone with long black hair

                                   C           G
all those nights in making such a mess of the bed

         C         G            Dm
oh you never ever wanted to go home he says he wants you so you may as well

        C           G              C           G      F
hang around for a while call your Dad on the phone Oh

F                               Fm                                C
He changed his mind last monday  so you've gotta leave by Sunday yeah

Chorus riff:

e---35-3 ---35-3 ---35-3 3b------|B-5 ----- -5 ----- -5 ----- --------|G5------- 5------- 5------- --------|D-------- -------- -------- --------|A-------- -------- -------- --------|E-------- -------- -------- --------| Em COh you've lost your lipgloss honey oh yeah
Em F Now nothing you do can turn him on there's something wrong Fm you had it once but now it's gone [SECOND VERSE] And you feel such a fool for laughing at bad jokes and putting up with all of his friends and kissing in public what are they gonna say when they bump into you again that your stomach looks bigger and your eyes are just holes in your face and it rains every day but when it doesn't the sun makes you feel worse anyway [Chorus again] G C Though you knew there was no way F G it was going to last forever it still shook you C F Fm when he told you in a letter that he didn't want to see you C you nearly lost your mind oh yeah
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