Punch Brothers - Next To The Trash chords version 2

Artist: Punch Brothers
Song: Next to the Trash
Chords written out by Adam Carey

(skip these paragraphs if you don't feel like reading, just some notes on the chords )
One of the more traditional bluegrass songs on Punch Brother's "Antifogmatic," 
it's a very fun song to sit around and play on guitar. All of these chords are 
right to my knowledge. I added in some qualities to some of the chords that the 
guitarist might not necessarily play in the song, but are present in the overall 
harmonies of the song.

 For instance, the 7ths in the F7s are usually either played by Thile on his 
mandolin or brushed upon by the violin. If it's easier, just play an F, it'll 
sound just fine. The other instance is the 3rd section, ("She's right, I'm mean 
when I'm bored") you'll notice Dm/C and Dm/B. You can just easily play a simple 
Dm, I just included the bass notes because the bass player plays those notes, and 
if you're playing solo it's fun to include them.

F Bb FShe puts my body away
Bb FNext to the trash
C A7Under the sink
Bb F F7Along with all the cleaning's supplies and the
Bb Fthings that we buy and decide we don't need
F Bb FWell it's damp and it's dark and it's lonely in here
Bb FNext to the trash
C A7Under the sink
Bb FBut everyone needs some time off now and then
Bb F'Cause I'm happy my friends don't feel sorry for me
DmShe says if you're playin' the game
FI hope you know you won't win it
DmAnd you can tell me next to the trash
FWell I'll tell you I'm in it
Gm AmWhy would you want me to touch it if you know I don't need it
Am E AmShe's right I'm mean when I'm bored
Dm Am E FSo I dig through the trash looking for her
DmShe would wash herself off
Dm/B AmIn the mist from the pipes
(this part below is simply a Dm/C ending in Am, and over it you can play the descending bass line: D, C, B, A)
Dm Dm/C Dm/B AmWe could use more of that around here that's for sure
(Solo) F Bb F Bb F C A7 Bb F
F Bb FBut it seems that whoever has thrown her away
Bb F C A7Has forgotten the trash under the sink
Bb F F7Or was it a joke meant to buy her some time
Bb FAll this citrus and pine make it harder to think
Dm So I say if you're playing the game
F I hope you know you won't win it
Dm And I'll be sorry if they threw you away
Fit's just that they didn't
Gm AmShe says "Boy, you'd better take it back right now and I mean it"
(Violin solo, ya-da,da da part) Am E Am Dm Am E F Dm Dm/B Am Dm Dm/C Dm/B Am
F Bb FShe puts my body away
Bb F C A7Then chases my mind up to the roof
Bb F F7It jumps in the gutter but she pulls it out
Bb F And it's all part of having a man in the house
Dm AmIt jumps in the gutter she pulls it out
Dm Bb FAnd it's all part of having a man in the house
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