Puscifer – Conditions Of My Parole chords


intro riffe|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------|D|------999-99-7-5-2-------------------|A|------999-99-7-5-2-------------------|E|0-3-5-777-77-5-3-0-00-5-0-3-0-2-3-0--|
(E5)Sweet baby Jesus on fire (E5)I'ma need a damn lawyer and a miracle to pull (E5)My ass outta this
(E5)Devil kept poking the bull, so I shipped her ass to MozambiqueCuz I was over it
Intro riff Shoulda dumped my gat into the Verde but what if she's a zombie or a Dracula I better hang onto this (E5)Lordy, with my hand upon the Bible, swear I shot the damn Devil, not a (E5)Bitch, but the po-po don't give a shit Intro riff(Ho- ho- hum-...) (E5)Lordy, won't you show a little mercy
I've been on the straight and narrow (C5) since the judge had my warden doneParole me
(E5)Red poison, devil kept pokin' so I shipped her ass to Mozambique(G5)Cuz I was over it
E5-C5-A5-G5 E5-E5/G (repeat) Intro riff
(E5)Goddamn judge found me guilty of public intoxication, (C5)public urination andParole violation
(A5)But the CSI couldn't find the body to corroborate my bullshit story.(G5)
(B5)Sweet Jesus don't let the judge release me. What if she's a(G5)zombie or a Dracula And tries to fuckin' eat me?
(F#5)Devil walked away from a bangin' trip to Mozambique(F5)
B5-G5-F#5-F5Help me outta this(repeated)
Outro E5-E5/G (repeat)
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