Push Play - Midnight Romeo tab

Song: Midnight Romeo
Band: Push Play
Album: Found

Tabbed by: EaglesEyez
Info: - This is my first tab so hope you enjoy
      - I took Annoyingxp tabs and fixed some mistakes
      - Better with fingerpicking

Capo 4

Intro/Verse 1/Verse 2: Bm G Em F# e|-------2--------3--------0---------2-------------|B|-----3--------3--------0---------2---------------|G|---4--------0--------0---------3-----------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|--2----------------------------------------------|E|-----------3--------0---------2------------------|
Pre-chorus: Bm G Em F# V V V V V e|-2--------3-3------0----------------------------2------------------------|B|-3--------0-0------0----------------------------2------------------------|G|-4--------0-0------0---------------------------3-----------------------|D|-4--------0-0------2----------------------------4------------------------|A|-2--------2-2------2----------------------------4------------------------|E|----------3-3------0----------------------------2------------------------| Oh. Whooa My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow
Bm G Em F# V V V V V e|-2--------3-3------0-----------------------2-----------------------------|B|-3--------0-0------0-----------------------2-----------------------------|G|-4--------0-0------0----------------------3-----------------------------|D|-4--------0-0------2-----------------------4-----------------------------|A|-2--------2-2------2------------------ ----4-----------------------------|E|----------3-3------0-----------------------2-----------------------------| Oh. Whooa Feels so right you just can't say no
Chorus: Bm Late night gonna hit the town Em Gonna take you out G Gonna make you whooa F# Whooaa. Midnight romeo Bm Show me yours and I'll show you mine Em Gonna make you sweat G Gonna feel you head to toe F# You know, I'm your midnight romeo Intro Verse 2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: Bm Em Bm Now its time I'll turn the lights down low Show me yours and I'll show you mine Em Gonna make you sweat Gonna be your Romeo Bm Em G F# Take my hand its time to lose control Whooooaa I'm your Midnight Romeo. Bm (let it ring) Late night gonna hit the town Em (let it ring) Gonna take you out G (let it ring) Gonna make you whooa F# Whooooaa Chorus 2x
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