Helplessly Lost chords with lyrics by Passenger - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Passenger – Helplessly Lost chords

G            Em C  G (x2)

[Verse 1]
GWell I'm sorry for the time that I've been taking
Em C G And the lines that I've crossed
G The mess that I've been making
Am D7 And for everything you've lost
C G The heart that I've been breaking
B Em D7 For the damage and the cost
C D7 Oh forgive me darling
GI am helplessly lost
[Verse 2]
G I'm sorry for the stories that I told you
Em C G And the lies that I spoke
G The future that I sold you
Am D7 And the promises I broke
C D7 G For the love that I've been taking
B Em D7 Warmed with nothing but the frost
C D7 Oh forgive me darling
GI am helplessly lost
D7 C How many deals will I make
EmWith the devil what's it take
D7For a foolish man to learn
D7 C How many years will I go
EmSetting fire to all I know
BmJust to watch the city burn
Am COh my dear we've reached a river we can't cross
Am D7 GSo leave me here for I am helplessly lost
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