Passenger – Moon On The Water chords

G   A   G   A
A#  Gm F C

Bm  A D G
G  D  G  D

[Verse 1]
GWell will you fill my head with stories
D'til I close my eyes and dream until the dawn
GAnd when I™am sleeping tell me secrets
DTell me things you've never told no one before
GAnd when you wake up hiding nothing
DMaybe you'll know how it feels to be born
G DI could wake up feeling something for the first time in so long
[Verse 2]
AAnd we could walk down towards the sea
GIn the new shoes I bought you
AStay there for all of the day
Bm AWhile the sun plays on the water
[Instrumental] G D G D [Verse 3]
GWell will you fill me with excitement
DLike the feeling that we felt on Christmas Eve
GWhen we didn't™t know to laugh
DOr to cry in to our sleeves
GAnd I know some things are not real
DBut in you I truly feel I believe
GWhen we lie down on your bed
DI press my head down on your chest and hear you breathe
[Verse 4]
AWell I know it's late but let's go to the sea
GI know a way that is shorter
AAnd we could sink out under the stars
D GYou can wear my woolen jumper
AAnd we can sink out in to the stones
GYou can lay upon my shoulder
AAnd we could stay there all of the night
Bm AWhile the moon rests on the water
Bm AWhile the moon rests on the water
Bm AWhile the moon rests on the water
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