Passenger – Rainbows chords

|C   |G   |Am  |    | x4

[Verse 1]
C G AmGlass was shattered here
C G AmMidst the burning smell of fear
C G AmDressed in plain clothes
|C |G |Am | |
C G AmAnd bloodstain on the snow
C G AmLooks like red wine on the clothes
C G AmOf a sailor
|C |G |Am | |
DShe lives in a photograph
DWaits for you to make her laugh
[Interlude] |C |G |Am | | x4 [Verse 2]
C G AmWell life was shattered here
C G AmMidst a thousand mothers tears
C G AmWe'll need rain clothes
|C |G |Am | |
C G AmAnd teardrops melt the snow
C G AmReveal the oil spill in the road
C G AmLooks like rainbows
|C |G |Am | |
DDrunk upon the scaffolding
DSwinging around
|C |G |Am | |
DDrunk upon the scaffolding
DLaughing at the ground as he falls
[Outro] |C |G |Am | | x4
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