Passenger – Underwater Bride chords

F  C  Am
F  C  Am
F  C  Am
F  C  Am

[Verse 1]
G AmHelp me stay awake I'm falling asleep
FAnd I don't want to fall asleep
C AmWhile you're here
F G AmYou're gunna leave when the alarm clock beeps
FAnd it will beep any moment
C AmMy dear
[Verse 2]
F C AmAnd all that we have will be locked into memory
F G AmLike everything that we've had before
F GSo I will stay awake
C AmAnd I will watch the fire burning
F C AmAnd keep the hungry wolves from the door
[Instrumental] C Am7 F C Am7 F [Verse 3]
C AmHelp me find my way back to the bread crumbs
F C AmI've wandered alone through the trees
F G AmThe lights are dimming in the windows of the houses
F G AmAnd my heart is starting to freeze
[Verse 4]
F CSee we have light but we won't use it
Am FWe're scared we'll lose it if we don't use it
C AmThen we'll die here in the dark
F C AmThey will find us hopeless and helpless
F CAnd clutching our frozen hearts
G CBut you and I well we'll be buried side by side
E FAnd time it won't mean a thing
GI'll be your underground groom
Em CYou'll be my underground bride
[Instrumental] C Am7 Am F C Am7 F C Am7 Am C Am [Verse 5]
F C AmPlease can you help me keep my head above the water
F C AmI have cramp in both of my calves
F G AmYeah my lungs are filling up with cold dirty water
F C AmBut I've a sickness that is making me laugh
F CSee we have boat but we don't think it
Am7 Am FWe're scared we'll sink but we'll drink it
C AmIf we never find that raft
F G Am7 AmWe will sink down to the bottom of the ocean
F CWith the fishes that glow in the dark
G CBut you and I well we'll sink down side by side
E7 E FAnd time it won't mean a thing
F GI'll be your underwater groom
Em FYou'll be my underwater bride
G Am FAnd oh the lights are fading my love
G Am FAnd oh the water's filling me up
G Am F GAnd oh the lights are fading my love
[Outro] C Am C Am C Am7 F C Am
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