Friday Night Say Yeah chords with lyrics by Paul Gilbert - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paul Gilbert – Friday Night Say Yeah chords



[Verse 1]

FIt's Friday night
Am7It's much too late
F7I know we missed
BbThe subway train
A#mDon't want to go
F Gm7 C7Home anyway
F A#mJust say yeah
Caug [Verse 2]
FI know we've had
Am7Too much to drink
F7I'd call my dad
BbBut I know what he thinks
A#mSo won't you stay
F Gm7 C7Oh, don't go away
F A#m F F7Just say yeah
Gm Am Dm7 Dm7I feel so good sitting here next to you
Gm C Fmaj7 Fmaj7And knowing that you're mine
Em7 AmThe music's good, the lights are low
F#m F#mBut I can still see
Dm7 G7 CaugYou're sure enough looking fine
[Solo] F Am7 F7 Bb A#m F Gm7 C7 F A#m Caug [Verse 3]
GIt's Friday night
Bm7At least it was
G7It must have gone
CWith my beer buzz
CmBut you could stay
G Am7 D7Oh don't go away
G Cm DaugJust say yeah
G Cm DaugJust say yeah
G Cm DaugJust say yeah
[Outro] Gm Bm7 Em Cm Am7b5 Am7b5 G
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