Pinegrove – The Alarmist chords

G       Am   C G   Am

GYou left gleamin’
AmA green rectangle around the door
C GPlease be careful
G AmWhat you wish for
GI whisper to myself
AmThen I’m spinning it half around
C GLike an echo
G AmA far away sound
G AmSaying be good to me
G AmBe good to me
G Am C G Am
GMarigold in the garden
AmMy heart is out in the garbage
C GI am being
G AmAn alarmist
GCause for as far as I see
AmIt’s terrible territory
C GAnd there’s no one
AmTo reassure me
G AmSo it would be good to talk
G AmFor my sanity
G AmNow do what you feel like you gotta do
G AmBut be good to me
C DWhen you walk away
Em AmYou still exist and I feel good knowing it
C DIf it hurts me
Em AmWhy'd I rely so much on it in the first place?
C DIf it's happening
Em AmThen why's this feeling taking over me?
C DCould I believe
Em AmIn the me before I knew you beautifully? (x4)
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