Pj Harvey – The Crowded Cell chords

[Verse  1]
A D5 CI’m in a crowded cell
G FThe Super calls my name
G AHe shuts me in a room
D5 AHe calls two soldiers in
D5 CThey clamp my head with arms
G FTheir hands becoming fists
G AYou will see us again
F G AYou will remember this
[Verse 2]
D5 CThey tie me up with ropes
G FThey beat my legs with sticks
G AI cannot use my legs
F G AThey drag me to a desk
D5 CBehind it sits a man
F EFingernails are on the floor
G FHe laughs and asks, “what kind
G AOf freedom do you want?”
[Refrain 1]
D5 C EThey pushed me down the stairs
D5 Am7 EI’m lying on the ground
D5 C EBehind the senate door
D5 Am7 EI hear two women howl
[Verse 3]
A D5 CI see three men on racks
F ETheir hands tied to their feet
G FTheir faces pinched with clamps
G AGuards pulling at their teeth
D5 CThey dragged me to the gate
G FThey dung me on the ground
G AThe Super laughs and says
F G A“What do you feed ‘em now?”
[Refrain 2]
D5 C EThis image on repeat
D5 Am7 EA mouth that cannot speak
D5 C EA huge force pressin’ in
D5 Am7 EA giant looming fist
F G AYou will see us again
F G AYou will remember this
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