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[Verse 1]

G          D

I want to, to know you

Em        C

I want to hear Your voice

G           D

You are my, Desire

Em        C           G

I want to be so close


[Verse 2]

G         D

I tune in to listen

Em          C

To hear You speak to me

G           D

I reach out believing

Em           C          D

That You are all I need



Em          C

All my attention


Is set on You now

Em             C

You are the center



      C    D

Jesus all, all,

    Em            G

All I want is You

       C         D

And my heart and soul

           G            Em

Is longing just for You

    C        D

You are, You are

     G        Em

Everything to me



[Verse 3]

G              D

Your presence, Your power

Em           C

Your glory’s all I seek

G           D

I’m hungry, I’m thirsty

Em          C          D

You love is all I need


[Pre-Chorus 2]

Em          C

All my affection


Is set on you now

Em             C

You are the center



C           D

You are the desire

Em                D

Of our generation

C            D           Em

We want You, We need You


Holy Spirit

C           D

So pour out Your presence

           Em      D

In our generation

C           G         D

All we want is You

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