Q And Not U - Collect The Diamonds tab

Q and Not U
"Collect the Diamonds"

This song is written in Dm and the intro piano is basically just a slightly modified 
D natural minor scale, which has one Bb. The scale notes are as followed.

[D E F G A Bb C D] and the chords can be shown as [i ii* III iv v VI VII]

Note: * stands for Diminished

In tab it looks like this:

Intro Trill part (repeat as needed)e|--------------------|-------------|b|--------------------|--5h6p5------|g|-------------5------|*------5h7-*-|d|-----7-5-8-7--8-7-8-|*----------*-|a|5-7-8---------------|-------------|E|--------------------|-------------|
This is the harmonized guitar part, but I'm putting into one guitar which you repeat as needed
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