Quagmire - Looking Like A King tab

                             LOOKING LIKE A KING
                           AS RECORDED BY QUAGMIRE
                          TRANSCRIBED BY SAM OSBORN
Standard Tuning. 

I haven't put this tab to words yet but anyone who knows the song should be able to
play it. It's really all there except for the solos. A few times there's an F# that
could possibly be a F#m but hey. Anyway enjoy, Quagmire should be at the NFF 2006 if
people want to see them. Enjoy, TheOlm :D



F#m7 - 244252  A Variation - 222455



F#m7 B    x  4

Verse 1

F#m7 B    x 10 

Riff 1: B C# E     Riff 2: B C# E F# E  C# B

Pre Chorus

A  B


F#m7 B    x 2

End Variation: A variation then B 

Verse 2

F#m7 B    x 4

Pre Chorus

A  B

Break (electric guitar solo)

F#m7 B    x 6


F# A  E  B x 4

Break (electric guitar solo2)

F# A  E  B x 2

F# A  E  B x 2       F#
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