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Queen   Don't stop me now

   F                      Am7           Dm7
Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time

        Gm7 C7         F              F7    Bb
I feel alive, and the world, turning inside out, yeah

     Gm7               D7           Gm    Dm  Gm Gm7
and floating around in ecstasy, so don't stop me now

 Gm    Dm  Gm                                C7
Don't stop me 'cause I'm having a good time, having a good time.

       F                                Am7           Dm7
I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky, like a tiger

              Gm7         C7
defying the laws of grafity

       F                  Am                Dm
I'm a racing car, passing by, like lady Godiva

         Gm         C7                   F
I'm gonna go, go, go,there's no stopping me

     F7                  Bb         Gm7
I'm burning through the sky, yeah, 200 degrees,

                D7                   Gm
that's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit

     D7                         Gm7
I'm travelling at the speed of light.

                Bb                       C
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

 F     Gm  F  Dm                      Gm7           C7
Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball

 F     Gm  F  Dm                       Gm7             D7
Don't stop me now, if you wanna have a good time, just give me a call

Gm    Dm   Gm7
Don't stop me cause I'm having a good time

Gm    Dm   Gm7                               C7                    Eb
Don't stop me, yes I'm having a good time, I don't want to stop at all

I'm a rocket ship, on my way to mars, on a collision course

I am a satellite, I'm out of control

I'm a sexmachine, ready to reload, like an atombomb

about to oh, oh, oh, oh, to explode

I'm burning through ....

Don't stop me, don't stop me, don't stop me, hey hey hey

Don't stop me, don't stop me, oh oh oh

Don't stop me, don't stop me, have a good time, good time

Don't stop me, don't stop me, Ahhhhh

(Guitar)  =  verse

I'm burning through ...

Don't stop me now ...


Transcribed about 2 years ago by me (Michael Bauer)

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