Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love chords

                                    Tablature by bombniboy3

                          ~~Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen~~

*This tab is an immitation of the artists work, I  am sorry and take no blame if
there is any mistake in this tab!
If there is a mistake, please contact me: bombniboy3@live.com.au and I shall fix it.*


-Dsus4-Gmaj (can be open G chord or barred on 3rd fret)
-Cmaj -Fmaj (preferabbly barred version) Tuning: Standard Strumming: U=Up D=Down D--U--D--U--U--D--U-- 1 + 2 + 3 4 + ~~For Intro, on the second down strum, play Dsus4, then on the up stroke, switch back to Dmaj. ~~When it gets to 'Crazy Little thing called love', do 4 strums of Fmaj, 4 of G and then 7 or 8 of the Dmaj. ~~When it goes to G C C G, play same strumming pattern for G, then two strums for C then final one for the last G. Intro: -- D/Dsus4 x4 D/Dsus4 D/Dsus4 D/Dsus4
D/Dsus4This thing called love, I just can't handle it,
D/Dsus4 D/Dsus4 G
C GThis thing called love, I must get round to it,
D/Dsus4 F G DI ain't ready, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
________________________________________________________________________ *For next bit it's just a repeat of chords* ________________________________________________________________________
D/Dsus4 D/Dsus4This thing (This thing), called love (called love),
G C C GIt cries (like a baby), In a cradle all night,
D/Dsus4 D/Dsus4It swings (Woo woo), It jives (Woo woo),
G C C GIt shakes all over like a jellyfish,
D/Dsus4I kinda like It,
F G DCrazy Little Thing Called Love
________________________________________________________________________ Chorus:
G C GThere goes my ba-a-by, she knows how to rock and roll,
F E AShe drives me cra-a-zy, she gives me hot 'n' cold fever!,
FShe leaves me in a cool cool sweat.
________________________________________________________________________ ~~Brian May's solo is here now, I know the beginning part to it, the lead up but you'll have to find another tab for the actual solo~~ ________________________________________________________________________
E I-----------------------------------------------------|IB I-----------------------------------------------------|IG I--------------------9-9-9-9-9-9----------------------|ID I----------------------------------7-7-5-4-0----------|IA I--5-3-0----------------------------------------------|IE I---------5-3-0---------------------------------------|I
The song continues onwards using the formula of chords used earlier on (D/Dsus4 - G - C C - G) For last bit where 'Crazy little thing called love is said over and over, just do F - G - D, as it is done before. Well I hope this has helped you! Any pronlems just contact me at bombniboy3@live.com.au
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