Queen - Dont Try So Hard chords

EmIf you're searching out for something - Don't try so hard
Am7If you're feeling kinda nothing - Don't try so hard
D D7When your problems seem like mountains
D D7You feel the need to find some answers
Am7 Em D EmYou can leave them for another day - Don't try so hard
But if you fall and take a tumble - It won't be far If you fail you mustn't grumble - Thank your lucky stars Just savour every mouthful And treasure every moment When the storms are raging round you Stay right where you are
D Am7Oh, Don't try so hard
Bm Am7Oooh don't take it all to heart
Em Em/D# Em/D Em/C# C Em/BIt's only fools they make these rules - Don't try so hard
One day you'll be a sergeant major Oh you'll be so proud Screaming out your bloody orders Hey but not too loud Polish all your shiny buttons Dressed as lamb instead of mutton But you never had to try
Em D Em DTo stand out from the crowd
E DOh what a beautiful world
A E F#m EIs this the life for me
D AOh what a beautiful world
Am7 Em Bm CmIt's the simple life for me
Solo: as version
D D7Oh don't try so hard
Bm Am7Oh don't take it all to heart
Em Em/D# Em/D Em/C#It's only fools - they make these rules
Am7Don't try so hard
EmDon't try so hard
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