Queen - Sheer Heart Attack tab

Sheer Heart Attack (News of the World)
By Roger Taylor

Eb                                                Bb
Well your just 17, All you wanna do is dissapear

Eb                                                          Bb
You know what I mean theres a lot of spit between our ears

Eb                                                 Bb
The way your acting tough it dont add up to nothin

Eb          Bb
Hey hey hey

Eb             Bb
It was the DNA

Eb           Bb
Hey Hey hey

Eb                    Bb C
That made me this way

Do you know do you know just how i feel? (x2)

Bb (back and forth Ab &Bb)     Bb Bb
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr......  Heart Attack (x2)

Same as above
Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllll Cardiac

I fell so Na na na na na ... Articulate

Got a feelin, got a feelin of a fire tonight
Let no one, let no one decide
Turn on the TV let it drip right down in your eyes

Hey hey hey, it was the DNA
Hey hey hey, made me this way

Do you know, Do you know, Do you know just how I feel? (x2)

Pretty simple, and oh so obnoixously awesome.
This is the key of the studio version, it was played in A live.
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