Queensryche - Until There Was You tab

This is the acoustic version of Until There Was You played live by
Queensryche at Sunset Strip, and it sounds a lot better than the album
version. Quite a simple song. I tabbed it out watching Wilton play the rhythm parts. 
quite got to the solo, though...

Watch the video (it's on YouTube) to get the rhythm:

Intro: C#m / C#m7 (play a C#m arpeggio and pull off to C#m7 to get the first
three notes) / A


C#m            A
I reached out, and found you,
C#m                      A
Though you turned away - Only you would know...
C#m                   A
These careless words, I need to define:
C#m                       A
Were they right or wrong? Only you would know?
If we fall apart now, it's the end of me,
I can't survive without you next to me,
C#m                               A
There's so much for both of us to have..


B                        A
'Cause it's you and me alone,
B                   E
And I'm on my knees here..


E                      A
I never needed anyone, until I needed you,
E                     A
I never held a woman, until there was you,
E               A        F#m       B
I never saw the light of day until you...

The second verse, bridge and chorus are exactly the same. For the "Believe
me..." part at the end, play the verse chords, and for the final bridge, play
B / A / B / A / B and end on E.

The final chorus is repeated a few times, so keep playing E and A, and finish
with A / F#m / B for "the light...of day....until you."

The outro is C#m / C#m7 / A and end on C#m.

Comments, clarifications, and criticisms welcome: .
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