Queers - Gay Boy tab

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From: EJBST20@vms.cis.pitt.edu
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 16:02:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: TAB:gay boy by the queers

taken from the "grow up" album

riff 1 (played 4x)e-------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------G-------------------------------------------D-------------------------------------------A-7-xx-xxxx-10-xx-xxxx-9-xx-xxxx-9-xxx-xxxx-E-5-xx-xxxx- 8-xx-xxxx-7-xx-xxxx-7-xxx-xxxx-
riff 2 (played 3x)e------------------------B------------------------G------------------------D-9-xx-------------------A-7-xx-5-xxx-7-xxx-9-xxx-E------3-xxx-5-xxx-7-xxx-
riff 3 (for lack of a better term) oncee---------------------B---------------------G---------------------D---------------------A-5-xx-xxxx-9-xxx-xxx-E-3-xx-xxxx-7-xxx-xxx-
riff 2 play 8x during verse and chorus
riff 4 (played once)e--------------------------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------------------------------------D---------------------9-xx-xxxx--------------------------------------------A-5-xx-xxxx-9-xxx-xxx-7-xx-xxxx-9/10-xx-xxx-9-xx-xxxx-9-xxx-xxxx-7-xx-xxxx-E-3-xx-xxxx-7-xxx-xxx-----------7/ 8-xx-xxx-7-xx-xxxx-7-xxx-xxxx-5-xx-xxxx-
rest of song progresses as follows: riff 2 played 8x during second verse and chorus riff 4 once riff 2 3x } riff 3 once } solo appears here riff 2 3x } riff 3 once } riff 4 once riff 2 8x riff 3 once eric bolton EJBST20@vms.cis.pitt.edu the views of mr. joe king are not necessarily the views of mr. bolton
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