Question Mark And The Mysterians – 96 Tears chords

                     96 Tears - Question Mark and the Mysterians
                         For the soprano ukulele tuned GCEA  

Transcribed by oberakE-mail
Chords: G, C7, Em, C
Organ Solo: A--------------------------| E--------------------------| C--2-4--2-4---3-4--3-4----2| This is the organ part for the G-0----0-----0----0-----0--| verse I am gonna abbreviate it(OS)
Intro: A------------------| E------------------| C------------------|
G-0-3-5-7---7-5-3-0| (G, C7) x2.Verse:
OS Too many teardrops OS For one heart to be crying
GToo many teardrops
C7 G C7For one heart to carry on
G C7 G C7You`re way on top now, since you left me
OS OS You’re always laughing, way down at me
G C7 G C7But watch out now, I`m gonna get there
G C7 G C7We`ll be together, for just a little while
OS OS And then I`m gonna put you way down here
G C7 G C7And you`ll start crying ninety-six tears
G C7 G C7Cry, cry
Chorus: It sounds like they just play Em for most of chorus but I think it sounds a little better with the C added
Em Em And when the sun comes up, I`ll be on top
C C You`ll be right down there, looking up
Em Em And I might wave, come up here
C C But I don`t see you, waving now
Em Em I`m way down here, wondering how
C C I`m gonna get you but I know now
G G C7 G x2 I`ll just cry, cry, I`ll just cry
C7Too many teardrops
G C7For one heart to be crying
OS Too many teardrops OS For one heart to carry on
G C7You’re gonna cry ninety-six tears
G C7You’re gonna cry ninety-six tears
G C7You’re gonna cry, cry, cry, cry now
G C7 You’re gonna cry, cry, cry, cry
OS Ninety-six tears Come on and lemme hear you cry, now OS Ninety-six tears, woo I wanna hear you cry
G C7 Night and day, yeah, all night long
G C7 Uh, ninety-six tears, cry cry cry
Come on, baby
G C7 Let me hear you cry now, all night long
OS Uh, ninety-six tears, yeah, come on now OS OS Uh, ninety-six tears
G: A---2 C7: A---1 Em: A---2 C: A---3 E---3 E---0 E---3 E---0 C---2 C---0 C---4 C---0 G---0 G---0 G---0 G---0
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