Quireboys – Sex Party tab

artist:the quireboys
album:a bit of what you fancy
track:sex party

chords used:

A D G Ce-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------7----------------5-----------------------------------------------|-----7-------7--------5-------5-----------------------------------------------|-----7-------5--------5-------3-----------------------------------------------|E----5----------------3-------------------------------------------------------|
intro: A C D G A A C D G A A sharper than steel C i cut like a knife D G A u betta start runnin for your life thats rite A C come along have a good time D G A youve all been invited to a D sex party yeahh alrite C G A uve all been invited to a sex party A D with me tonight yeah C G A uve all been invited to a the whole song goes the same as that with different lyrics, i cant b arsed to type out the rest :)
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