Son And Daughter chords with lyrics by Queen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Queen – Son And Daughter chords

Em7 Em7 Em7 A7I want you... woman
[Guitar and Bass riff](2x) [Verse 1]
E D E D E D E D E DTried to be a son and daughter rolled into one
[Guitar and Bass riff]
E D E D E D E DYou said you'd equal any man for having your fun
[Guitar and Bass riff]
B7Now didn't you feel surprised to find
B7The cap just didn't fit?
F#7The world expects a man
N.C. G G#To buckle down and to shovel shit
A7What'll you do for loving
A7When it's only just begun?
Em7 Em7 Em7 A7 E I want you to be a woman
[Guitar and Bass riff](2x) [Verse 2]
E D E D E D E D E DTried to be a teacher and a fisher of men
E D E D E D E D E DAn equal people preacher
E D E D E D E D E DWill you lead us all the same?
[Guitar and Bass riff]
B7Well I traveled all around the world and found
B7A brand new word for day
F#7Watching the time mustn't linger behind
F#7 N.C. G G#Pardon me I have to get away
A7What'll you think of heaven
A7If it's back from where you came?
Em7 N.C.I want you to be a woman
E D E D E D E D [Guitar and Bass riff] B7 [Guitar ad lib and fade]
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