R Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - My Girls Pussy tab

This is a legitimate band fronted by a world famous, respected artist, R. Crumb creator
Fritz the Cat, Mr Natural and the Freak Bros. I'm sure UG is rife with lyrics as or more
explicit and prurient. Musically it represents an example of early 20th century music 
circle of 5ths chord changes. Please give it the consideration it deserves. - J


[D]There's a pet I [A7]like to pet And
[G]every evening [D]we get set I
[A7]stroke it every [D]chance I [B7]get It's
[G]my [A7]girls [D]pussy

Seldom plays and never purrs
But, I love the thoughts it stirs
And I like it cause it's her's
It's my girls pussy

[D7]Often it goes out at night re
[G7]turns at break of dawn No
[E7]matter what the weather's like It's
[A]always nice and warm

I bring tidbit's that it loves
We spoon like two turtle doves
I take care to remove my gloves
When stroking my girls pussy

G D7 C G   D7 G E7
D7 G  G7 C7 A7 D7

[G]What a precious [E]thing to handle
[A7]No one else can [D]hold a candle
[C]Is she that way [D]lovable and [G]sweet

Never dirty always clean
In giving thrills it's never mean
It's the best I've ever seen
My girl's pussy
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