R Kelly – Tapped In The Closet tab

Yea, so I was watching all 22 videos out so far. Lol the story gets so off topic its not 
funny. but anyway I kinda figured out a little jam to it. This is the like orchestra 
chords followed by the keyboard thing.

This starts out a little after it starts. There is this whole keyboard intro thing. 
a solo thing in Am. Seeing as this song is in the key of Am i think. I could be wrong though 
the chords migh be off it sounds like they are adding something to the Am but I'm not sure what.

Anyway its goes like this when the vocals come in. Or a verse if you will.

Am E|-0- ---7-5-4----0----7-5-4------||-1-5-7-----7-5-0-5-7------7-5---||-2-------------1----------------||-2-------------2----------------||-0-------------2----------------||---------------0----------------|
And thats pretty much the whole song lol. Because each thing is just a verse. Just to have fun with while you watch the ridiculously long videos of the whole series.
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